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The Handbook of Multimodal-Multisensor Interfaces, Volume 1
Foundations, User Modeling, and Common Modality Combinations

Chapter 4: Hinckley
Figure 4.9   Occlusion Aware Menu Design for Digital Tabletops
Figure 4.11   Exploring and Understanding Unintended Touch during Direct Pen Interaction
Figure 4.15   Time Tilt: Using Sensor-Based Gestures to Travel Through Multiple Applications on a Mobile Device
Figure 4.19   Sensing Tablet Grasp + Micro-mobility for Active Reading
Figure 4.24   Pen + Touch Input on a Direct Display
Chapter 7: Freeman & Brewster
Auditory Icons  

Paper 1
Paper 2
Paper 3
Paper 4

Bells 1
Bells 2
Bells 3
Bells 4

Earcons   Open

1 Long
1 Medium
1 Short

2 Long
2 Medium
2 Short

3 Long
3 Medium
3 Short

4 Long
4 Medium
4 Short

Car Warnings  

Warning A1
Warning A2
Warning A3

Warning T1
Warning T2
Warning T3

Warning Image 1
Warning Image 2
Warning Image 3

Figure 7.6  

Clutching at Straws: Using Tangible Interaction to Provide Non-Visual Access to Graphs

Figure 7.7 Left   Multivis: Improving Access to Visualizations for the Visually Impaired
Figure 7.7 Right   Collaborative Graph Builder
Figure 7.11 Left   Do That, There: An Interaction Technique for Addressing In-Air Gesture Systems
Figure 7.11 Right   Gesture Thermostat
Chapter 8: Munteanu & Salah
Figure 8.5   Finger Tracking for Assisted Reading
Figure 8.7   SimSensei & Multisense
Figure 8.12   Implementation and Integration of Advanced Robotic Systems...For the Ageing Population
Figure 8.14   An Autonomous Robot Exercise Tutor for Elderly People
Chapter 9: Qvarfordt
Figure 9.3   Gaze and Speech Demo in Real Time
Figure 9.8   Freeviewing & Region Suggestions
Chapter 10: Cohen & Oviatt
Figure 10.6   The QuickSet system with voice, touch, and laser pointer input
Figure 10.7   The QuickSet system with speech and pen input
Figure 10.8   The QuickSet system, showing coordinated processing between a handheld device and a tablet.
Figure 10.10   The Rasa system multimodal interface architecture
Chapter 11: Katsamanis et al
Figure 11.1   Put That There
Figure 11.11   Untitled
Chapter 12: Potamianos
Figure 12.4   Untitled